New or Replacement Windows


You have decided to change the windows in your home the first question you may ask yourself is “Do we get replacement windows or new windows?” Choosing the right windows can be a little overwhelming but don’t worry reading this guide will enable you to move forward with confidenace. Think of the longterm savings on choosing a more energy efficient window.
Back to the question new windows or replacement here are some of the pros and cons to both.

New windows are usually installed when you want to go for a brand new look feel or even shape and size. This generally requires some additional work which yes can increase the cost but its not as big a difference as you would think. The main benefit is you can go for a complete new look and feel.

Replacement windows involved removing the old windows and keeping the original frame/trim. Your replacement windows will have been designed to fit into the existing openings. You will need to make sure the existing frames are in good enough condition.

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